Turning Twenty-four

Time passes so fast, it feels dizzying sometimes. It seems like yesterday that I was fourteen, with no responsibilities and cares – it’s hard to believe that was ten years ago. Sometimes getting older scares me, but this year I decided to embrace it. Not everyone makes it to twenty-four and I know that I am lucky and life is short and precious.

I have always been fascinated with youth and the way children see everything as magical and beautiful, and somewhere along the road a lot of us lose that wonder, as it is replaced by paying bills and surviving. To me age is not about how many years we have lived but more about how much wonder we have and the way we see the world.

So I had the most youthful birthday party I could think of – a picnic with my best friend in an abandoned castle with cake and crazy dancing and climbing trees. Hopefully I’ll still be having birthdays like this when I’m seventy!

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  • Dad

    Right. I’m going to do the same for my 14th birthday. Which is soon! X

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