May 2015

I think by posting all of my travels and adventures here it sometimes looks like I have this non-stop travelling life where I am always off somewhere exotic, but this is mostly an illusion perpetuated by the way we only tend to share positive aspects of our life on social media. I feel lucky that I have been able to visit several different countries in the last twelve months, and I am so grateful for the travel opportunities that photography has given me, but the reality is that I have spent most of the last month either shooting commercial work for clients or glued to my computer at home trying to make my way through mountains of editing, sometimes working constantly all day and then staying up past midnight to try and get things finished. Being freelance is liberating, and I’m not complaining, but it definitely isn’t always travel and adventure.


Last month I spent a few days in Switzerland (and France as it turned out because we were right on the Swiss-French border) with my fellow mountain girl Ellis. We stayed in the sweetest cabin which we found on Airbnb. It was owned by a lovely couple who were so friendly and accommodating, they even drove us into town and gave us veggies and herbs from their garden for dinner! We spent a day in Geneva, walking through the city in the pouring rain, but having an amazing time. We ate at a cute veggie restaurant, learned about spiritual plants at the Botanical Gardens, and saw the United Nations building and Red Cross museum. We didn’t get very close to the Alps but the place we stayed was right under a little mountain, so we took a cable car to the top and spent the day there, watching para-gliders taking off, walking through meadows and forests atop the mountain, and visiting a buddhist monastery – the most awe inspiring location for a monastery. Here are some of the photographs I took there.

Switzerland-1 Switzerland-4 Switzerland-2 Switzerland-7 Switzerland-5Switzerland-8Switzerland-11 Switzerland-12 Switzerland-13 Switzerland-14Switzerland-19Switzerland-20Switzerland-21Switzerland-23 Switzerland-24 Switzerland-25 Switzerland-26 Switzerland-16

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