The Rhythm of the Sea

This was one of my favourite shoots from last year.

The team that I worked with on this shoot are all amazingly talented and I love collaborating with them. It was so cold the day we shot this and I felt so bad asking Elaine to get into the water for the last few shots, thankfully she was unfazed and I was so happy with the pictures we got.

I have mixed feelings about fashion photography. I don’t care much about fashion or selling clothes, I like pretty dresses but I don’t know much about designers or the industry, and sometimes it feels a little superficial. But it’s shoots like this one that remind me why I take these pictures. I love being outside in nature, I love meeting people and making friends. I love the crazy adventures that always happen on these kind of shoots. And I love when an image which I’ve had in my head for a long time comes together as perfectly as it did this day.


  • Karen

    That first photo especially is brilliant! Great work Sam

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