Bali – Part Three

One day we decided to take a trip to the incredible Tegenungen waterfall to the South East of Ubud. We spent hours there, clambering over rocks and wading in the water underneath the bright rainbow created by the sun and waterfall spray. That night myself, Caitlin, Kylie and Martin climbed Mount Batur, a volcano in the North East of Bali. We left the villa at 2am, and made the sleepy night-time journey to the volcano about an hour away. Drifting in and out of sleep I remember trying hard to keep my eyes open and take in everything. We stopped for breakfast in the dark at a shack in the middle of nowhere and then were dropped off at the bottom of the volcano. The climb was tiring but we had a wonderful guide and it was so worth it to watch the sunrise over Lake Batur from the top of an active volcano.

The rest of my time in Bali passed by too quickly. I few times I caught myself feeling sad at the prospect of leaving instead of appreciating my time there and I always tried to bring my mind back to the present, because that is the only time we truly have. The last few days were filled with scooter trips through the rice paddies in the warmth of sunset, amazing dinners full of fresh organic local food, and a lot of documenting life, writing, and photographing portraits, trying to transcend time and make memories permanent by capturing them on film.

On my last night we had dinner at the sweetest little restaurant with bamboo walls and candlelight and yummy Indonesian foods. Afterwards we scootered back to the villa, I rode on the back of someones bike and felt the warm breeze as Ubud sped past in what felt like slow motion. That night we stayed up late making art, dancing, creating with Henna and swimming in the pool, bare-skinned under the stars. It was a bittersweet end to the trip, because I wanted to stay there with this new little artist family more than anything.

I am so thankful to Bella for dreaming up and organising this creative retreat, I already miss all of the kindred spirits that I met but we are all travellers and I know that it won’t be long before our paths all intertwine again across the globe.

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