Bali – Part One

November 2014

I have written and re-written these paragraphs several times trying to find the right words to describe an experience that was beyond words. I took so many pictures that I’ve had to split them over several different posts, I’m not going to have time to finish editing all of them for a while, but I am desperate to share something from these incredible ten days.

One afternoon in early spring this year I came across a call-out via social media looking for young creatives to share a villa in Bali. At that point I hadn’t been outside of the UK in a long while because of commitments at home and so when I saw this opportunity I felt butterflies and a compulsion to find out more (even though, I’m embarrassed to admit, I wasn’t entirely sure where Bali was…). Somehow the stars aligned and I ended up flying from Edinburgh to Doha, Qatar, and then on to Denpasar in Bali on Halloween, 31st October 2014.

The first thing that hit me, after the warm, sweet-scented air was the sounds – I arrived late in the evening and the rice paddies surrounding our villa were alive with the chirping of crickets and frogs. I was welcomed by the sweetest group of people and spent some time chatting with them before collapsing into bed with exhaustion from the twenty four hour journey.

The ten days that followed fell into a comfortable rhythm that made it feel like we had been there forever. The people who began as strangers felt like old friends, we ate together, adventured together and laughed together. We spent a lot of time taking photographs, and it was so amazing to be amidst so much creative energy and positivity – everyone was so supportive of each others work and was always happy to offer tips and advice.

We visited a forest full of monkeys, where the monkeys would try to climb on you and steal anything that wasn’t securely attached. We helped take care of a family of kittens who were living in the villa, and we all got so attached and were heartbroken when one of the babies went missing. We rented scooters for the time we were there so that we could be free to go wherever the wind took us, and we drove through the rice paddies at sunset, taking in the incredible beauty that was all around.

I’ll leave you with the images I took on my first few days there, I think they tell the story better than my words can.

Bali blog 01 Bali blog 02

Bali blog 03

Bali blog 04

Bali blog 05

Bali blog 06

Bali blog 07

Bali blog 08Bali blog 09

Bali blog 10

Bali blog 11

Bali blog 12

Bali blog 13

Bali blog 14

Bali blog 15

Bali blog 16

Bali blog 17

Bali blog 18Bali blog 19 Bali blog 20

Bali blog 21 Bali blog 22

Bali blog 23

Bali blog 24

Bali blog 25

Bali blog 26

Bali blog 27

Bali blog 28

Bali blog 29 Bali blog 30

Bali blog 31

Bali blog 32 Bali blog 33

Bali blog 34

Bali blog 35

Bali blog 36

Bali blog 37

Bali blog 38

Bali blog 39

Bali blog 40

Bali blog 41

Bali blog 42

Bali blog 43 Bali blog 44

Bali blog 45

Bali blog 46

Bali blog 47

Bali blog 48

Bali blog 49

Bali blog 50

Bali blog 51

Bali blog 52

Bali blog 53

Bali blog 54

Bali blog 55 Bali blog 56 Bali blog 57

Bali blog 58

Bali blog 59

Bali blog 60

Bali blog 61

Bali blog 62

Bali blog 63

Bali blog 64

Bali blog 65

Bali blog 66

Bali blog 67

Bali blog 68

Bali blog 69

Bali blog 70

Bali blog 71

Bali blog 72

Bali blog 73

Bali blog 74

Bali blog 75

Bali blog 76

Bali blog 77



  • Dad

    Love it. So pleased you’re a dromomaniac. Such a wonderful affliction. It’s hereditary you know.

  • Gracie

    Stunning photography. Really enjoyed looking through these… looks like one of those trips that changes you just a little bit, right where it matters. So happy for you. Your photography is sensational.

  • Aunty C

    Delighted that you had a great time, and it does sound as if it’s been life changing. Would love to see some photos of you as well though. Your Gran would have loved to have seen these photos and to hear all about your adventures – I’m sure she was with you in spirit.

  • Lydia

    It makes me happy to hear that more and more people fall in love with Ubud x

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